Welding Consumables

Brands:- Hyundai Welding, Korea I Harris Welding Products,USA I Inweld Corporation, USA I Techalloy, USA

Air carbon arc cutting, previously known as air arc cutting is an arc cutting process where metal is cut and melted by the heat of a carbon arc. Molten metal is then removed by a blast of air. It employs a consumable carbon or graphite electrode to melt the material, which is then blown away by an air jet. This process is useful for cutting a variety of materials, but it is most often used for cutting, and gouging aluminum, copper, iron, magnesium, and carbon and stainless steels.Carbon electrodes are available in round in the floowin dia 1/4", 3/8", 5/16" & 3/16". For any sales queries please contact our sales team.

Gouging electrodes

DC Gouging Carbon Round:Dia:3/16"X12"Long 50Pcs/Pkt DC Gouging Carbon Round:Dia:5/16"X12"Long 50Pcs/Pkt DC Gouging Carbon Round:Dia:1/4"X12"Long 50Pcs/Pkt DC Gouging Carbon Round:Dia:3/8"X12"Long 50Pcs/Pkt
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