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A variety of alloys are used as filler metals for brazing depending on the intended use or application method. In general, braze alloys are made up of 3 or more metals to form an alloy with the desired properties. The filler metal for a particular application is chosen based on its ability to: wet the base metals, withstand the service conditions required, and melt at a lower temperature than the base metals or at a very specific temperature. For manual brazing, wire and rod forms are generally used as they are the easiest to apply while heating. Some of the more common types of filler metals used are Aluminum-silicon, Copper-silver, Copper-zinc (brass), Gold-silver, Nickel alloy, Silver Amorphous brazing foil using nickel, iron, copper, silicon, boron, phosphorus, etc. For any sales queries please contact our sales team.

MS & Low/High Alloy

ER70S.6 ER70S.3 ER70S.G

SS Electrodes

ER308L ER309L ER316L




B Ag-7 B Ag-5


B Cup-5 B Cup-2


ER4043 ER5356
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