Welding Consumables

Brands:- Hyundai Welding, Korea I Harris Welding Products,USA I Inweld Corporation, USA I Techalloy, USA

MIG Wires selection is based primarily on the composition of the metal being welded, the process variation being used, joint design and the material surface conditions. Depending on the process variation and base material being welded the diameters of the electrodes used in GMAW typically range from 0.7 to 2.4 mm (0.028 - 0.095 in) but can be as large as 4 mm (0.16 in). Available materials are MS, SS, Aluminum, Nickel Alloys, Brazing alloys, Hardfacing Wires in the Solid Wires, Flux cored wires,etc. For any sales queries please contact our sales team.

MS & Low/High Alloy

ER70S.6 E71T-1C E81T1-W2 E70C-6M Supershield CrCw

SS Electrodes

ER308L ER316L ER309L


ER4043 ER5356
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