Refrigerant Gases

Product Application
Suva 123  Low-pressure centrifugal chillers

New centrifugal equipment
Suva 124 Centrifugal chillers
Suva 404 A Commercial refrigeration equipment

New and existing R-502 equipment
Suva 407 A Positive displacement equipment:
new or existing residential and commercial air-conditioners
Existing medium-temperature applications
Suva 407C Medium- and low-temperature direct expansion refrigeration
Freon 22 Residential and Commercial A/C
Medium- and low-temperature commercial refrigeration:
food service
supermarket display cases
food storage and processing
ice machines
some transport
Dupont HCFC-141B Refrigeration warehouses to supermarket display cases, cold storage rooms and small appliances such as refrigerators and freezers.

All the above gases are available as Disposable type, refillable in 50/60Kg, Capacity cylinders and Ton Tanks. For any other refrigerants please contact our sales team.

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